Meet Jasveen

Dr. Jasveen Rattan has a PhD from the University of Waterloo and is a published author, public speaker. Professionally she is a community outreach specialist, with over 20 years of knowledge and experience both domestically and internationally in the areas of Hospitality and Tourism, Community Economic Development, Policy and Planning, Sustainable Development, and Communications and Public Relations. She runs her own consulting firm and has worked on projects in Canada and around the world.

Volunteerism and civic duty have always played an important part her life. She is a strong advocate for volunteering and community initiatives. Jasveen embodies this philosophy in her personal life and has volunteered with a variety of organizations since she was 13 years old.

Her love for exploring the world began at a young age. She has lived in 4 countries, 4 provinces and 8 cities in Canada before settling in Missisauga -Streetsville in 1992, and travelled to 265 cities in 45 countries. Being able to participate in these firsthand experiences with so many different cultures, religions and customs has been invaluable in how she perceives and understands the world.

Jasveen is a proud Canadian, South Asian woman, mother, daughter, sister, teacher and friend.

Her passion for meeting and connecting with people and meaningfully contributing to her community, and the world around her, drives the work that she does.

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